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As the sun slants lower on the horizon, and the fog and rain become welcome harbingers of Autumn, my soul longs for an even deeper silence, so difficult to maintain during the bright busyness of full summer.

 A week’s travel to a family gathering for my sister and brother-in-law’s 50th Anniversary–while a wonderful celebration with family and friends, and a blessed liturgy together–only made me yet more aware of how our culture is so starved for silence–for quiet, for peace, for stillness.

Perhaps in this era of frantic multi-tasking and instantaneous communication, God has an even greater need of a few hidden pockets of souls listening to the Great Silence within the Heart of God. Yet I find that even hidden away in the Anchorhold, the temptations to distractions are varied and many.

One that has become personally intrusive for me is a sudden–and growing–spate of spam in comments on this Holy Dwelling blog. As a result, I have disabled the ability to comment on my blog. I will trust that if you truly are interested in commenting upon my entries in Holy Dwelling, you may find your way to communicate with me through anchorite-at-holydwelling-dot-com….and if that gets discovered by the spammers as well, we’ll find yet another way.

May you, too, find yourselves some pockets of Holy Silence.


Camano Moon

Camano Moon










Eons ago, when scarce I knew the lode was true,
I chipped away with pen and ink,
Following ancient lore that gold lay
Deep within the canyons of my soul.

Midst darkest tunnels discovering
New maps, a compass, chant, and breath,
Bringing shining hope of truth
Breathed fresh from alien lands.

The Lode was deep and wide and true;
Bearing jewels of peace, and faith, and love.
Delving deep, I sank within, and
Slowly, in dark gold, the silence fell.
Long days now, the tools sit idle,
Hid ’neath a cloak of silence.
Weighing their heft and form, I
Fumble to find an edge, and cut a word.

For miner’s heart still stirs,
And even Silence sings,
But in the Lode, All is One,
And mere letters flee from WORD.

                       DeepLight Anchorhold
                       6th February 2005
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